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A good old love story

I absolutely love - a good old romantic story. Before I became a Christian I would fill my unsatisfied heart with Mills and Boons romantic novels. When I eventually became a Christian, God's love for me saturated my mind. I have now become hooked on the greatest love story and the best selling book in the world - The BIBLE.

One sunny evening, I was reading the book of Ruth, when I was reminded of the romantic stories I used to read when I was young. I thought to myself, the book of Ruth is a love story with a difference: The Spirit of God certainly inspired this love story (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

In this love narrative,we witness Ruth clinging to her mother in law, in love and friendship. She willingly avoids the opportunity to return to her people and get married after the death of her husband (Ruth chapter 1:12-17). Instead she stayed with her ageing mother in law - what a sacrifice! Here is the lesson, girls, - sacrifice always pays - . Do you remember that biblical quote? - We will reap what we sow, if we do not give up (Gal 6:9).

Ruth sowed friendship and love and in return, she reaped friendship and a kind husband (Ruth chapter 2). As I mentioned before - I love a good romantic story but one that ends well is even better.

What are you sowing today in your home, workplace and church,

Yours in Christ.


The Dream

One day the Lord will touch all the nations of the world.

Just as there is a pub in every street (nearly).

I see women praying and meeting in houses or halls - in every street.

Volunteers, volunteers, volunteers, I hear,

Where are the volunteers, It could be you.

Calling all volunteers to see this vision through

It could be you the Lord is calling to see this vision through!