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What time is it

Dear Ladies,

Before you start reading this article? – Could I ask you to take a look at your watch, or if you are anything like me and your watch has seen many years, perhaps you could look at the clock on your wall.

I have not lost my marbles nor have I lost my watch.  Like you, I want to know: What is the Time?

Is it a time of preparation?
Is it time to study the Bible?
Is it time to let go of all the anger in your heart (Eccl 7:9)
Is it time for you to slow down and relax?
Is it time for you to start eating less?
Is it time for you to start praying fervently for your children?
Is it time for you to say yes or even no?
Is it time for you to start helping out in your congregation?
Is it time for you to stop being selfish in your marriage?
Is it time for you to start proclaiming God words to others?
Is it time for you to stop asking God and start praising him for your answered prayer?


Is it the time of life when the children have left home and you have plenty of time on your hands and you are wondering what should I do?

At this point you could be forgiven for wondering - how many times will I ask the question. Is it time!  The word of God however answers this important question. Ecclesiastes   states,  “For every matter has its time and its way” (Ecclesiastics 8:6)

Forgive me, as I use this well known passage to answer the question what is the time?

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Eccl 3:2, A time to give birth,  - Perhaps you have little children at home and you are wondering what about my career as you change a nappy for the tenth time.    God is saying this is the time to change those nappies. – Your career will fall into place - in God’s time.

Eccl 3:2,  A time to plant; - Perhaps this is the time to start sowing good works in your household, workplace. Perhaps, it is time to start prophesying or speaking ‘good words’ into the people around you. Start planting good words into your husband or children. Your good seeds will allow them to grow into beautiful flowers or should I say plants?

Eccl 3:4,  A time to weep and a time to mourn; - Perhaps you are going through a difficult time at the moment.   Remember that every matter has a beginning and every matter has an end.  – The time of laughter will surely come (Eccl 3:4)

Eccl 3:6,  A time to keep and a time to throw away: - Perhaps your house is full of clutter or even your heart and God is saying it is time to throw away the clutter, bitterness,  and  keep the good memories that you have of that relationship.

Eccl 3:7,  A time to speak and a time to be silent.  If you are anything like me I am sure you will find the time of silent slightly difficult.  However perhaps this is the time when God is saying to you – stop nagging that child or husband.  You have said and done all that you can do. It is time for you to be silent and let God take over. ….

I once heard a saying that God is never late or too early.  God is always on time!

Our God certainly is a great Father, who knows the times of men, (Women). The question for you and me is do we know what time or season we are at in this period of our lives.   On that note, I will leave you to check your WATCH again, or should I say your BIBLE.

Until Next Time!   
Vivienne Oke 
2 August 2011


The Dream

One day the Lord will touch all the nations of the world.

Just as there is a pub in every street (nearly).

I see women praying and meeting in houses or halls - in every street.

Volunteers, volunteers, volunteers, I hear,

Where are the volunteers, It could be you.

Calling all volunteers to see this vision through

It could be you the Lord is calling to see this vision through!