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Water, water, everywhere.

The vision - I saw was the enemy trying to touch the WATER of the land- And I saw WATER, WATER WATER, every where.

I asked the Lord, is it possible to stop it. I believe he said, 'yes it is' - It is possible to stop the floods of water on this land? I asked again, "It is it possible to stop the avenger on this land, yes it is“, "yes it is." Tell my people yes it - did not Elijah pray for rain and it rained, did he not pray for the rain to stop and it stopped. Can not my people pray for rain on this land and it will happen? The rain of the Holy Spirit.

Can my people stop the floods of the enemy on this land? Yes they can. Yes they can. Did not Elijah stop the rain, - yes he did. Yes he did.

Can my people stop the floods? yes they can. Yes they can.

Pray for the rain of the Holy Spirit on this land, on this land.

Pray for rivers of the Holy Spirit on this land on this land. Stop the hand of the avenger on this nation.

Cry out for your land, and stop your differences . Stop your differences. For where there is unity I will surely command a blessing.

Tell my people to stop their differences and FORGIVE, Let my people cry to me so that I can forgive this land.. Let my people forgive, forgive, for the sake of Christ, Do I not see your hurts, Do I not see that people have hurt you, but I ask you to forgive. As you forgive, I am able to release my forgiveness through you“ and this land need forgiveness.

NB: The scripture encourages us to judge prophecy. Hence please feel free to judge this prophecy. However, most importantly, please pray for the hand of the enemy to be hindered on this nation. Pray against flood, adverse weather conditions hot or cold. Most importantly pray for the rain of the Holy Spirit on this nation.

This word is not predicting that our land will be flooded, this is a word for us to unite and pray for the river of God's Spirit to touch this Land.

Vivienne Oke
February 2009


The Dream

One day the Lord will touch all the nations of the world.

Just as there is a pub in every street (nearly).

I see women praying and meeting in houses or halls - in every street.

Volunteers, volunteers, volunteers, I hear,

Where are the volunteers, It could be you.

Calling all volunteers to see this vision through

It could be you the Lord is calling to see this vision through!